Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NEED...just ONE...more...DIME!

Went through a Starbucks drive-through the other day...it was just one of those - I need to have some extra caffeine, to super juice me up, to get through the rest of the day days.

Anyways...I reached into my purse and grabbed what I thought was a fiver...no such luck...it was a $1.  So, that had me a little crazy...must find change...must find change...and quickly.

Found the lint in my purse, many Chuck E. Cheese tokens in my change tray, and mildewed apples in the crack of the seat.  

I happened to be lucky in the midst of it all...I did end up with a tall Americano.

But this got me to thinkin' - do celebrities ever have to scrounge for change?

Enquiring minds do want to know...

1 comment:

Amy Emsing said...

You're just lucky you were buying a tall Americano and not the venti mocha that I usually get. I need to switch to the cheaper stuff!