Saturday, January 24, 2009

June Cleaver Tips of 2009

Top Seven 2009 Tricks

1. Homemade goodies anyone? Buy Rice Crispie treats from the grocery. Once home, take them out of their packages, take a knife and cut the edges a little haphazardly, spread a little butter on the edges, and put them on a plate. Nobody can tell the difference.

2.  Done drinking a Capri Sun? Blow into the straw and fill the bag back up, put back into the fridge...good as new.

3. Need some school snacks? Have each kid go to the car with a Ziploc bag, move the car seats and rug mats and find what they didn't eat over the last week. This will create at least two snacks.

4. Easy house sterilization...put Mr. Clean in all bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks. Let this sit or a couple of hours. Drain. Rinse out sink. Don't bother with anything else. The smell says that you've cleaned allday.

5. No need to wash, dry and fit sheets onto the bed. Make kids sleep on top of the comforter no washing and no bedmaking.

6. Every time you eat out, empty the sugar container. It only takes 63 packets of sugar to make a batch of Kool-Aid, 42 packets for chocolate chip cookies, and just a couple for cinnamon toast.

7. Carry a pair of scissors with you when taking walks in the never know when you'll find your next flower arrangement for the kitchen table or fresh vegetables for dinner.

Wouldn't June be proud?

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Amy Emsing said...

I'm going to try tip #4 right now! Who will ever know??